Learn music and vocals

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Vocals, Live online

For all ages, learn live online at the comfort of your home with qualified professional instructors, your time, your schedule.

What we teach

Instruments and vocals you love and cherish


Piano and Keyboard


Vocals, Indian, Classical and Western

Program highlights

which make our program special

Learn from the masters

Learn your way to perfection with qualified teachers with decades of experience in teaching as well as composing music in our music classes

Exclusive personal classes

Choose classes that suits your own persona, get exclusive 1:1 sessions and enjoy your learning with your instructors

On your own schedule

Select days and time which suits you the best and let your musical journey to boot up

Cherish the community

Be a part of the musical fraternity with Augment and cherish every momemt with live musical meetups and performances in our best music classes

Why choose us

Reasons for you to go with us for your musical expedition

Music classes

Professional & Certified coaches

All our instructors are professional performers and certified coaches, who not only coach you, but share their experiences to make your learning practical and faster

Live performances and jamming

Indulge in live performances and jamming with your coaches and other students time to time

Musical games

Grasp and practice concepts quickly with fun games with your instructors live online or on your devices

Custom learning

Learn as per your choice and interests in our music classes - ask for Indian, classical, bollywood, western or any other music as per your preferences, and we are ready

Certification exam preparation

Choose your curriculum and prepare with our certified instructors. Choose from Trinity, ABRSM, The Rock School or any other exams through our music classes

Learn as a hobby or career

You are at the right place whether you are a hobbyist learner or a aspiring professional. Take your learning goals to the next level with our qualified instructors

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