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A proven and dynamic tool to improve logic building, focus, concentration, analytical thinking and problem solving

Why learn Rubik's cube

Practising to solve Rubik’s cube and other puzzles give you a host of benefits like


Practicing Rubiks cube needs you to constantly analyse the puzzle pieces towards their solution, and find the best possible way towards the solution. This boosts your analytical thinking


While you solve Rubiks' cube, your mind is engrossed in the steps, deeper and deeper, making your mind work subconsciously to increase your concentration levels

Rubik's cube


You always work towards a solution coming from multiple problem scenarios, thereby building your problem solving skills

For younger children

who are on the building blocks of their primary level concepts

Younger children needs certain skills which are core to their growth, for example fine motor skills, shapes and colours, positions and recognition, along with attention and understanding directions.

Rubik’s training teach younger children to match colours and shapes and apply instructions to solve a problem, at the same time stimulating their hand muscles and tuning their brain and body coordination, making them ready to onboard with an analytically thinking brain from their primary years itself

For students

of middle and higher grades spending most of their time grasping and gulping concepts

It needs a sharp memory topped up with an active mind, reflexes with an ability to churn
out your knowledge on paper with lots of stamina in your palm, wrist and fingers,
as well a problem solving attitude for whatever comes in.

Solving Rubik’s help you gain agility in your hands, wrist and fingers, makes your
mind active, improves mind and body coordination, lets you experiment
to innovate as well as provides you a skill which helps you in every walk
of your life moving forward.

For professionals

and grown ups who need a much needed stress relief from everyday hassles

It needs sweat, strength, dirt and grit to be a successful professional. 
Being a professional needs you to be ready on your toes, ever. 
In a dynamic environment, you need tricks which can keep you focused, de-stressed and committed to  your tasks.

Using a Rubik’s cube as a stress burster not only helps you to come out of the nasty pressure, but trains your mind to keep focused on what is
important than it seems, and concentrate to complete the task successfully and in time.

The program includes

Live online training with a professional instructor

Training schedule as per your availability

Simple to complex puzzles matching your interests

Video recordings of all the sessions

Cheat sheets for the speedier solutions

In house competitions

Try our awesome Rubik's cube simulator, on your screen

Meet Milan, our genius little iQUBEr

Meet Akshay with his Megaminx

Meet Vivansh with his 3x3x3

We got puzzles like

2 x 2

3 x 3

Rubik's cube

4 x 4

5 x 5

Drift / Mirror cube





And many more, for you

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