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Why learn chess

The reason why you should train yourself and your kids over this awesome game

Develop Strategic Thinking

Learning chess and practicing it regularly makes you think for solutions to problems in an innovative way. The game needs a sound strategic approach which helps the kids develop a strategic thinking.

Improve Concentration

Playing chess needs you to delve deeper inside the logic and forces you to think a few steps ahead of your opponent, helping you improve your concentration every time you play.

Build Creativity

Chess classes boost your creativity by practicing the same moves with a different intent everytime, thereby stimulating your nerves to be creative every time you make a move.

A training curated for you

Doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult or a beginner in this game, we have a training to make you master


  • Chess fundamentals
  • Game rules
  • Arranging the board and combat
  • Introduction to checkmate
  • Checkmate puzzles
  • Pattern recognition


Beginner level, plus
  • Checkmate patterns
  • Game tactics
  • Basic opening & tricks
  • Basic endgame strategies
  • Important chess terms


Intermediate level, plus
  • Chess notation issues
  • Advanced endgame strategies
  • Illegal moves
  • Tournament techniques
  • Chess tournament

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Chess classes
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