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Boards & curriculum we cover

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Custom Curriculum

Tools used

A few tools and platform used in our math tuitions to ensure the classes are smoothly run and the content is effectively delivered, bringing in value for the time invested by our students

The classes are secured and safely delivered to our students over Microsoft Teams, an enterprise collaboration platform from Microsoft.

This includes content over Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Whiteboard helps the teacher to scribble and collaborate with the students who can co-scribble to provide a virtual-in-person experience

The teachers also use physical whiteboards, worksheets, charts, graphs, images and other content wherever required, shared over the cam in high quality. Using physical tools along with technology helps the students understand the concepts clearly

Our coaching methodology

Experience holistic academic coaching tailored to ignite curiosity, cultivate critical thinking, and solidify fundamental concepts for a profound scholastic journey at our institute.

Holistic Learning Approach

Our methodology focuses on holistic learning by integrating real-life examples and practical applications, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of subjects.

Concept-Based Teaching

We prioritize teaching fundamental concepts, laying a strong foundation that helps students grasp advanced topics with ease and clarity

Continuous Assessments for Progress

Regular and thorough assessments are conducted to monitor student progress, identifying areas of improvement and adapting teaching strategies accordingly

Personalized Learning Plans

Tailored teaching plans are created for each student, addressing their unique learning styles, strengths, and areas that need improvement

Interactive and Engaging Sessions

Learning is made enjoyable through interactive and engaging sessions, encouraging active participation and fostering curiosity amongst the students

Emphasis on Problem-Solving Skills

Our approach emphasizes problem-solving skills, enabling students to tackle challenges independently and develop critical thinking abilities

Innovative Teaching Techniques

We employ innovative teaching methods and tools to keep the learning experience dynamic and inspiring

Effective Communication and Feedback

Open channels of communication are maintained with students and parents, providing regular feedback on progress and addressing concerns promptly

About our teachers

We ensure our teachers for math tuitions are qualified, experienced, compassionate and cheerful

Our teachers are highly skilled and are educated from from top-notch schools and institutes

Every teacher possess more than a decade of professional experience in coaching school children of all grades

Our teachers specialize in teaching both national and international students and curriculum from different boards or universities

They have successfully prepared and are preparing students for various competitive exams both in India and out of India

Our teachers are trained and are well versed with interactive tools and techniques used in  both offline and online teaching

They are highly responsive and empathetic towards students learning speed, and have mastery in adjusting the pace with the student and then gradually speed them up

Every teacher has a proven track record of improving the academic scores of their respective students

Our teachers are fluent in English as well as different regional languages to ensure they communicate to make the students understand the concepts well

Looking for specific topics?

If you want to teach or strengthen specific topics for your child, we can help. 
Just request a topic with us and we will arrange sessions with qualified coaches to help your child excel.

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