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Help your child excel in academics with focus, concentration, speed and retention, everything with the abacus learning advantage.

Why learn Abacus

Read our articles to understand the reasons and benefits to get your children learn abacus from an early age

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Abacus : Five Key Learning Benefits

Abacus is not just a calculating device, it is a life skill which helps your kid improve and excel in all walks of life. In this article, know why learning abacus is important for your kid from his early years.

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Build core skills to excel

Primary benefits of learning abacus beyond mathematics and academics


Practicing abacus helps focusing towards the solution from distractions and apply this habit in real life situations for learners


Learning abacus helps build and grow the concentration span, thereby exploring the depth of the subject grasping more and more


Abacus enable the learners to perform mathematical calculations amazingly fast in their minds without using a pen and paper


Abacus help the learners progressively build and sharper their memory and retention power in overall academics and life


Abacus classes help the learner to get answers with accuracy with simple method of visualization, without a pen and paper


Increased speed and accuracy in answers booses the confidence of the learner, and they are able to handle academic pressure with much of ease


Every time when the students hears the questions and calculates in their mind on the go, the listening skills of the students keeps developing


Practicing abaus regularly generates results, which inculcates a habit of discipline in the learner towards other areas in academics and life

Program inclusions

Know what our 5 star rated abacus learning program includes

Live online abacus classes with our experienced and professional instructors with decades of teaching experience, specially to kids starting 5+ years of age group

2 hours of  live online sessions per week. Sessions scheduled twice a week for 1 hour each at a fixed schedule

Course classified in four simple levels covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, taken in the same order for the students to understand in a seamless way

Option of small group classes as well as exclusive personal classes as per your learning requirements and availability of time

Classroom activities including brain gym exercises, critical thinking and logical reasoning worksheets, games and much more

Our abacus classes include practice worksheets and printables for your child to practice at home or anywhere outside home with just minutes of involvements

Online practice exams with abacus and visualization technique with time and accuracy analytics to track student’s performance

Online exam at the end of every level to ensure student has understood the subject well and can demonstrate visual arithmetic skills

Competitions within own as well as other abacus groups for all our students to boost competitive spirit and playfulness

Safe and secure classes on enterprise collaboration platform Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office to ensure a seamless learning experience

Frequent online and offline quiz sessions individually as well as with group of students in the abacus classes ensures maximum engagement

Students are awarded an online certificate at the completion of every level exam in our abacus classes

Our abacus classes provide free access to MathChamp, an automated Abacus practice platform. This platform help students to practice abacus anywhere on a tab, mobile or laptop without installing any apps. Solve sums with abacus tool or do visualization with flash cards or dictation.

Focus areas

Areas where we concentrate for students to get maximum value with abacus classes


A mental arithmetic technique of solving mathematical problems within mind in seconds


Improving mind and body coordination with brain gym exercises and simple physical activities


Learning logical reasoning and critical thinking with fun based quizzes and activities

Gift your child a skill for life


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