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Live online Vedic Maths Classes

Group and personal learning

Bless your kids with the magnificent aura of our rich Indian legacy arithmetics with Vedic maths.

Why learn Vedic Maths

Multiply your arithmetic abilities with the super speedy Vedic maths ‘sutras’


Boost numerical calculation speed multiple times than the normal mathematics


Calculate in mind, without the use of pen and paper, all in your mind in just seconds in our exclusive vedic maths classes

vedic maths classes


Vedic maths makes calculations super simple and easy, and turns the fear of maths into love for maths


Improve your confidence by beating your competition every time with speed and accuracy

Kick off the Math Scare from your child's mind

Read our article on the benefits of learning Vedic Mathematics in detail

Program inclusions

Know what our tried and tested vedic maths program includes

  • Live online training
  • Two hours per week (1+1)
  • Weekly extended tasks
  • 4 levels, 3 months each
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Online practice tests
  • Group and personal classes
  • Learning platform access

Focus areas

Which we stress upon for maximum value to our students

Mastering the concepts

Making the students understand the Vedic math concepts and apply them in real life beyond academics

Building pace

Practicing Vedic maths “sutras” and "sub sutras" repeatedly to increase speed of calculations continuously

Content quality

Providing best quality learning content and experience to meet learners interests and learning goals in our vedic maths classes

Let your child be a maths wiz

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