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A 21st century skills development program

Make your child learn computer programming basics and advanced logics using exciting art, animation and games. Kickstart the coding journey now!

Our learning stack for kids

Technologies and concepts that we cover for our young learners in our coding classes


Scratch – Block Based Coding


Roblox Programming and Games

Python programming

Web design (HTML & CSS)

coding classes

CODE – Block coding and programming

Design thinking for kids

Why learn coding

because building programming logic at an early age gives an early mover advantage

Analytical thinking

Continuously brainstorming new and innovative ideas trigger an improvement in logical thinking and reasoning

Problem Solving

Coding classes improve problem solving as a result of structural break down of the problem and step by step solutioning exercises


The creative coding cycle concept enables the learners to repeatedly program and reprogram thereby triggering creativity

Future readiness

Almost every sector demands compute skills, and learning to code is the first step towards being future ready

Program inclusions

Know what our coding kick starter program includes

  • Live online training
  • One/Two hours per week (1+1)
  • Weekly extended tasks
  • Leveled programs 
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Online practice projects
  • Group and personal classes
  • Learning platform access

Focus areas

Which we stress upon for maximum value to our students in our exclusive coding classes

Understanding basics

Running through the very basics of computers and IT for a rock solid foundation

Building concepts

Help the learners understand coding concepts irrespective of a particular language or technology

Content quality

Providing quality and exclusive learning content with personal attention, customized to meet learners interests

Checkout the awesome game gallery from our little champs

Kickstart the 21st Century Skill journey for your kids

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